Inclusion and Settler Identity

This week we were provided with a questions about how can we be more inclusive in our understanding of settler identity. It’s an interesting idea. I think it’s possible. I don’t think it’s possible to do with a binary way of thinking; which is a very colonial mindset. I feel like in order to have these conversations we need to have a stronger understanding of who we are. In addition, I feel like we need to be less willing to label others. I feel like that’s a part of the problem. Being a person of colour in this course I’ve noticed that people are very willing to speak to my experience; which I find interesting because, it’s my experience. Moving forward, in order to be a Treaty person, I need to reimagine my identity as an educator. Before I began in the faculty of education, I had a clear vision of who I was going to be as an educator. I was going to be an educator that was committed to social justice. My classroom was going to be filled with posters with quotes from prominent women of colour who have impacted change in western thought and words of wisdom from Indigenous leaders. The more I learn about how things really work in the classroom; I don’t think that’s who I am anymore. I’m not sure who I will be as a teacher; but it’s not a teacher that is going to teach people to see the humanity in others. To be honest, I think that’s a really arrogant attitude I had. I can’t teach that. I’m 25 years old and humanity has been around for millennia. In addition, I’ve noticed that in this discussion, there’s a habit to compartmentalize different parts of who we are. I can’t do that. I contain multitudes. Just like anyone else.


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