About Mr.Shamel


My name is Jason Boswell Elias Shamel and welcome to my blog! A little bit about myself, my parents had a sense of humour when naming me which is why I have two middle names. I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and attended Ecole St. Paul elementary and Holy Cross High School.In terms of my academic background, I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan with a concentration in English Literature. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education After Degree program with a concentration in primary years education, specifically, pre-k- Grade 5. While I have only just begun my journey in the realm of education, I am confident that this is where I am meant to be. It is my goal to one day become a Principal in a school. I’ve always admired the idea of impacting the culture of a school which is why administration is my goal.

In terms of my personal interests, I’ve had a variety of experiences that have influenced my choosing to become a teacher. I’ve always had a passion for the arts. Learning piano and flute, dancing, and writing. These experiences have always left me with more questions than answers, which is why I love them. They allow me an opportunity to explore and engage with the world around me.

In addition to my passion for the arts, inclusion is something that has always been a value of mine. During the course of my undergraduate education, I have served and worked with members of our community that live with disabilities. I volunteered with the PAAL program (Physical Activity for Active Living), a program that strives to incorporate physical activity and fun for children that live with physical or intellectual disabilities. I have been working as a camp counsellor at Camp Easter seal for the past 4 summers. This summer, I will be returning to CES as a camp coordinator! During the course of the school year, I work at Creative Options Regina. Cor is a community based organization that serves members of our community with disabilities. The support we provide is guided by the philosophy of gentle teaching. This philosophy illustrates the value of differentiated support. Through these experiences I have been able to cultivate an appreciation of differentiation and inclusion. I believe these values will serve me well as a burgeoning teaching professional.

But! That’s enough about me. How about you? What brought you into the classroom? I’d love to hear about it!

Keep Smiling!